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Likrat Moldova offers students access to the topic of Judaism in an open context where schools invite Jewish students to participate in a class discussion. This relaxed atmosphere helps break through stereotypical perceptions and anti-Semitic resentments and promotes a better understanding of Judaism in young adults. Likrat Moldova believes that through dealing with another religion and encountering different values and practices on a personal level, high school students are able to form their own ideas and opinions and develop an appreciation of Judaism that could extend to minority groups in general. For these encounters, Jewish students are intensively prepared in different workshops and are trained in leadership skills. Likrat Moldova is organized and coordinated by the LivingStones Association in close partnership and collaboration with the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG).

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“Promoting intercultural learning, Likrat facilitates visits to Swiss schools by Jewish adolescents who talk about Judaism there and engage with their peers of different religions in discussions on religious and social issues. This seems a promising way of effectively reducing stereotypes and preventing anti-Semitism."


Didier Burkhalter, Federal Councillor of Switzerland

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