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Many ways to get involved

In this PDF form you can chose between different ways to support Likrat. Please fill it out and send it to us by Email or mail. Every little helps and is being appreciated.

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Sponsor an encounter

From 36 CHF / Euro / USD you support one class encounter and are able to make a positive difference in the world by changing the perspective about Judaism to broaden the horizon of non-Jewish teenagers.

Become a volunteer

Join the group of volunteers of LIKRAT Moldova. We are sure there is something there for you. Write us at

Become a Friend of Likrat Moldova

For 180 CHF / Euro / USD you help educate post-Soviet Jewish teenagers for a full year and support their learning process regarding Jewish traditions and culture.

Sponsor ONE LIKRATINO for one year

Thanks to your contribution of 450 CHF / Euro / USD a Likratino will develop the knowledge to provide him with a stronger Jewish identity to support Jewish continuity.

Become a Likrat Moldova Ambassador

From 1000 CHF / Euro / USD you receive a personalized photo album and correspondence from “your” Likratino’s first year journey.

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