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LivingStones Association

LivingStones Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Zollikon, Switzerland. Its focus is the continuity of Jewish heritage through education, information, involving the youth, coexistence, and in creating awareness of the changing face of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias.


LivingStones Association is committed to the task of preserving, protecting, documenting, commemorating sites of Jewish significance, and in maintaining the evidence of surviving sites of Jewish ancestral heritage. Likrat Moldova is the youth educational program of the LivingStones Association. It is sponsored by the LivingStones Association.

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The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities [SIG] was founded in 1904 to protect and foster the common interests of Jews in Switzerland. Today, 16 member communities have affiliated themselves with the umbrella organisation.

Main Tasks

The SIG's main tasks are the representation of Jewish interests with the federal authorities, institutions throughout Switzerland and the media, dialogue with other religious communities, the promotion of knowledge on Judaism in Switzerland and the representation of Swiss interests in international Jewish organisations.

In addition, the SIG coordinates and complements the cultural, youth and social work of the member communities.

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