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Likrat Moldova welcomes you


The Likrat Moldova project thrives on the encounter with people. We are happy to meet with you, visit your class, your company, your organization and answer all your questions about jews and jewish way of life.

Please contact us. We are looking forward to assist you, and of course, meet you soon!


About Likrat


“Likrat” is a Hebrew word that means “coming towards,” and this is the basic concept of this intercultural youth leadership and dialogue educational program. It promotes cultural understanding to fight antisemitism, anti-Israel bias and vandalism in Jewish cemeteries. This interactive “get-to-know-you peer-to-peer experience” between Jewish and non-Jewish high school students aims at reducing prejudice against Judaism and helps breakup stereotyped perceptions and anti-Semitic resentments.


Likrat Moldova offers non-Jewish students access to the topic of Judaism in an open context when schools invite Likrat students to participate in a class discussion. This program believes that through dealing with another religion and encountering different values and practices on a personal level, young students are able to form their own ideas and opinions and develop an appreciation of Judaism that could extend to minority groups in general. For these class meetings called “Likrat encounters” to happen, Likrat Moldova students are intensively prepared twice a month in a variety of topics during workshops, seminars, and field trips, including trainings in leadership and presentation skills. 


Likrat Moldova is sponsored, organized and coordinated by the LivingStones Association in partnership and close collaboration with the International Center of Training and Professional Development (ICTPD). It is supported by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) and the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova.

“Promoting intercultural learning, Likrat facilitates visits to Swiss schools by Jewish adolescents who talk about Judaism there and engage with their peers of different religions in discussions on religious and social issues. This seems a promising way of effectively reducing stereotypes and preventing anti-Semitism."


Didier Burkhalter, Federal Councillor of Switzerland

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For Students


You are between 15-20 years-old and would like to do your part for the continuation of your Jewish heritage. You consider it important to discuss Judaism and the existence of Israel with non-Jewish youth to help reduce and prevent prejudice and anti-Semitism. You think it is important to create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect in your immediate and extended surroundings. You do not understand some issues about Judaism and Israel and have many questions. You have basic knowledge of the Jewish past history of your city and your incredible country, which was essential to forming your own identity. You don’t have much opportunity to discuss these and other Jewish issues openly with your peers and with professionals. You like to meet new Jewish friends. You are interested in learning leadership skills such as presentation and debate.

If this sounds like you, then Likrat Moldova is FOR YOU!

So, how does it work?

EASY! You need to participate twice a month in the Likrat Moldova training, including seminars, workshops and field trips that will give you the chills while bringing you closer to the history of your ancestors. At the trainings you will learn about Judaism, Antisemitism, Jewish history, culture and traditions, learn about Israel, Jewish Moldova and Moldovan Jews; you will gain leadership and presentation skills and at the end you will be part of the great Likrat International group. 

After completion of this program, you will be a “Likratino” and will be ready to visit school classes in groups of two to discuss Jewish traditions and values with non-Jewish students. We know that talking about Judaism and sharing facts about everyday life in a personal encounter with non-Jewish students helps give Judaism a face. It creates new opinions and changes old mindsets, helping to significantly reduce prejudice and anti-Semitism. And the best is, that while you are volunteering for a good cause you will feel great knowing that you personally contribute to the fight against Antisemitism!

What does Likrat Moldova do for me?

Likrat Moldova serves to strengthen your own Jewish identity, helps you find answers to your questions about Judaism, and helps you to develop new skills. In the seminars with specialized teachers and speakers, you will learn about Judaism from entirely new perspectives; you will learn how to deal with critical questions about Jewish issues, and you will expand your skills in conversation and rhetoric. You will learn that for many questions there are no absolute but only personal answers. Finally, you will be prepared to act not only as a representative of "Judaism" in general but as a representative of your own person and opinion. This is what Likrat Moldova gives YOU.

Where do I register?

Just click the button below to be part of the Likrat Moldova community. As soon as you have enrolled, you will receive an email with all the necessary information about the program. 

Likrat Tina

“Likrat Moldova provides me an opportunity to change the world for the better and help my peers in schools learn more about Judaism in order to broaden their intercultural horizons.”

Ecaterina, age 16

Likrat Edward

“I believe that we Likratinos could dispel bad thoughts and incorrect knowledge about Jews and Judaism and change attitudes in teens for the better."

Rachel, age 15

Likrat Liora

“Likrat Moldova can change the perspective of the Jews in a person’s mind. Why? Because we speak openly with students in schools about the Jewish culture, history and traditions.”

Arina, age 19

For Schools


Your school curriculum is enriched by an encounter between young Jews and your pupils. The fascinating aspect of this type of dialogue is the closeness that is created when youths speak to people of their own age. Pupils’ willingness to engage in a conversation is increased when the people addressing them belong to the same generation and have many of the same experiences and cultural references. Through asking questions, your students get the opportunity to get a in-depth look into Jewish life in Moldova today. This chance offers them a lively, lasting and educative experience regarding intercultural and interreligious aspects. They will also confront stereotypes and prejudices and form their own personal opinions of Judaism.

What is an encounter?

It is a visit from a two-person team of Likratinos (young Jewish students aged 15-20) to your class. They will introduce themselves and answer questions about Jewish traditions, their everyday life, and Judaism. The encounter continues with views and opinions on current issues. This personal form of dialogue allows your students to ask questions and to really get in touch with the Likratinos. An encounter lasts about two hours. After the encounter, we will ask you to have your students fill out our feedback form and send it to us via post or email. We naturally also appreciate any feedback from you, too.

What does Likrat Moldova do for my students?

This encounter supplements your own lesson plans. By engaging in this program, you give your pupils the opportunity to personally get to know young Jewish students and therefore learn about and form their own opinions on this religion, its history, the vanished Jewish world in Moldova, and the Jewish culture. The Likratinos will tell your students about their experiences with anti-Semitism and how they live and stand for the Jewish religion.

How do I prepare my class for an encounter?

We recommend inviting Likratinos as peer educators when you teach in the subject areas of religion, ethics, history, Israel, Judaism or the Holocaust. Once your students acquire basic knowledge of the Jewish world, they can work out their questions and you can collect them and send them to the Likratinos so they can prepare themselves for this encounter.

How can I bring Likrat Moldova into my class?

Just fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


Nora Biedermann, History teacher, Switzerland


Contact us  


LIKRAT Moldova

Albisoara 4, of. 802

Chisinau, MD-2012

Tel +373 780 40 077

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